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Mia Joyce, the chief executive officer of Voices of Transformation Inc. and founder of Glam Girlz Rock Movement, has been one of the nation’s most emerging transformation coaches and leaders of today. Mia J. is a native of Greensboro NC, who has been coaching and mentoring for about two decades in Corporate America and in her community.

Mia began her career of coaching and training with a prominent Healthcare company where she received National Achievement Awards in Ethics and Integrity and Multiple Outstanding Leadership Achievement Awards which allowed her to travel around the nation providing training and coaching to new hire employees. She also played a major role in leadership in her community, where she fed thousands in the homeless community with Meals for the Multitude, provided programs for at risk youth in the School Systems, and Department of Juvenile Justice System as well as resources for families that were in transition from displacement and/or incarceration.

Mia J., certified cosmetologist for 22 years, and certified Life Coach, has also used her experience with her clients in the hair industry as a favorable approach to her expertise in coaching. Mia stated “I felt like a counselor or therapist while I worked on my clients, so I used this as one of my portals to help transform their lives, not just from the outside but from the inside out.”

Mia holds a Bachelors of Art in Business, from the University of Phoenix, where she took her experience and knowledge to start Voices of Transformation Inc. a nonprofit organization that provides programs and support to youth and families in the community.  She also took her experience and started her own company, Glitz N Glam Artistry where she provides hair, makeup, and styling expertise to clients all over.

With her extensive avocation and business professionalism, Mia uses her knowledge and gives back as a Transformation Life and Business Coach to help those who are seeking true life transformation and effective business strategies that will provide success to their business. Mia has participated and sat on panel discussions with other prominent speakers and coaches that have spoken on topics such as, relationships, business strategies, entrepreneurship, women empowerment and much more!


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